Assistant Project Engineer

Justice Anyanwu

He is a Los Angeles native who recently made his way back to the Dallas Area. He relocated to Texas in 2016 when he began attending Tarleton State University via an athletic scholarship. This is where in 2020, he received a B.B.A. in Human Resources Management. He then went on to continue schooling at Lamar University where he received an M.B.A. in Project Management.

He got his start in the construction field as a part of a demolition team years ago when he first joined the workforce in his youth. Over the years, he made many kinds of stops with a career goal of finding his true path. Eventually, became a field engineer at Deacon Construction, one of the larger remodeling contractors on the west coast. Upon coming back to the Dallas area, he’s become one of the newcomers of a young, intelligent and growing Rreaf Construction Services team.

In Justice’s spare time he enjoys being outdoors and experiencing nature through the likes of trails, mountains and beaches. A huge sports junkie that roots against all local teams because what fun is competition without opposition. And a big priority for him is the importance of family and cultivating relationships with people he meets in his life journey.

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