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Gary Darby

Mr. Darby is a partner with RREAF Holdings and has over 40 years of entrepreneurial leadership and technology experience. Before joining RREAF Holdings, he founded Think Unified, a technology solutions company, and served as President and CEO. He also served as executive vice president of MCII, a defense contractor acquired by the L-3 Power & Control Systems group.

Additionally, Mr. Darby has more than 35 years’ investment experience trading in bonds, equities, REITs, and real estate syndication. He has invested in several RREAF offerings, including multifamily, hospitality, retail, and community development.

A veteran, Mr. Darby served in the US Navy as a naval flight officer, flying the F-14 Tomcat fighter as a RIO. He received a BBA degree in Marketing from the University of Texas at Austin in 1978 and has held his Texas real estate license since 1985.