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Ed Hopkin

Ed Hopkin has amassed over 25 years of construction experience, engaging in multifaceted projects ranging from podium style and parking garage wraps to garden-style developments. His expertise extends to various project types, including hospitality, student housing, medical research, and memory care. Proficient in types I-A, III-A, and V-A construction, Ed has an in-depth understanding of UL requirements for wall, floor-ceiling, and roof-ceiling assemblies, spanning 1HR-3HR, including UL penetration assemblies.

Ed excels in plan constructability reviews, particularly for FHA, TAS, and ANSI, along with a keen eye for waterproofing. His significant contributions extend to preconstruction efforts, collaborating with clients and consultants to proactively identify and resolve issues before project commencement.

Committed to ensuring the success of everyone he works with, Ed’s legacy lies not merely in completed projects but in the individuals he has nurtured into more complete, well-rounded, and adept construction professionals.

In his personal life, Ed has enjoyed a happy marriage for 24 years and is a proud parent of two sons. The eldest attended Texas State, and the youngest is currently enrolled at Blinn College in Brenham, TX. Active in the community, Ed coached his youngest son’s soccer team for a decade. Beyond work, he finds joy in hobbies like golf, hunting, and fishing.