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RREAF Holdings is a privately-held commercial real estate firm based in Dallas, Texas with a history of success in the acquisition, development, asset management, ownership, repositioning, and financing of complex real estate projects throughout the United States.

Multifamily Properties

RREAF's multifamily platform, established in 2015, focuses on acquiring and managing properties in secondary and tertiary markets in the US South, Southeast, and Coastal regions. They target markets with supply-demand imbalances and strong growth in sectors like healthcare, education, and industry. The platform caters to workforce demographics and includes a Student Housing sector that capitalizes on the demand for off-campus housing near top universities. Their strategic approach involves targeting institutions with enrollment growth, investment in programs and infrastructure, and nationally recognized academic offerings. The aim is to provide unique living experiences that support students academically and socially with amenities like study rooms, gyms, and resort-style pools.

Beachfront Hospitality
and Resort Properties

RREAF established its Beachfront Hospitality Platform in 2012 with a focus on acquiring and operating assets located in strong beachfront markets in the Southern Gulf Coast regions of Florida and along the Southern Atlantic Coast. The platform is best described as opportunistic in that several favorable criteria must be present for RREAF to be interested in the property. RREAF’s model is designed to take advantage of markets where demand is outpacing supply and conditions present significantly high barriers to entry due to a lack of developable beachfront land and ever-increasing costs associated with new development. RREAF has created its own “flagged brand” by forming Beachside Resorts, which carries the mission to provide a best-in-class product solely along beaches in the southern regions of the United States. To date, Beachside Resorts has strategically expanded its reach to locations in Panama City Beach, Pensacola Beach, and Cocoa Beach markets of Florida. Our properties are the result of careful location selection along popular beaches coupled with a heavy renovation component that results in a superior product that families can afford and will want to return to year after year.

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Ground Up Development

RREAF, by practice, does not seek ground-up development. We will only consider a ground-up development project if several critical metrics are achieved and will not seek to raise outside equity on a ground-up project until the project is 100% shovel-ready. RREAF’s current hospitality development projects include a $26-million, 126-room Cambria Hotel in Charleston, South Carolina and a $60 million, 240-room Delta by Marriott Hotel in Southlake, Texas. Both markets present enormously high barriers to entry that were only viable due to the unique competitive advantages afforded to RREAF. At present, RREAF is also actively developing two multifamily projects. One is in Kerrville, Texas and the other is in Gallatin, Tennessee. Both projects are upscale garden-style apartment developments that will be completed in 2021.

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