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We deliver well-located, high-quality, highly amenitized housing and vacation properties to the largest segment of the U.S. population. Our five primary verticals all cater to this theme. RREAF Holdings’ tremendous growth can be attributable to our disciplined focus on our five main platforms/verticals. Our focus on growth markets in the South and Southeast regions of the United States has allowed us to scale rapidly. As a result, has allowed us to outperform our competition and create growth opportunities.


RREAF's multifamily platform, established in 2015, focuses on acquiring and managing properties in secondary and tertiary markets in the US South, Southeast, and Coastal regions. They target markets with supply-demand imbalances and strong growth in sectors like healthcare, education, and industry. The platform caters to workforce demographics and includes a Student Housing sector that capitalizes on the demand for off-campus housing near top universities. Their strategic approach involves targeting institutions with enrollment growth, investment in programs and infrastructure, and nationally recognized academic offerings. The aim is to provide unique living experiences that support students academically and socially with amenities like study rooms, gyms, and resort-style pools.

Hotels & Resorts

RREAF established its Hospitality Platform in 2012 with a focus on acquiring and operating beachside resorts in strong markets. The beachfront hospitality section is best described as opportunistic in that several favorable criteria must be present for RREAF to be interested in the property. RREAF’s model is designed to take advantage of markets where demand is outpacing supply. Conditions present significantly high barriers to entry due to a lack of developable beachfront land and ever-increasing costs associated with new development. In addition to the beachfront sector, RREAF established the Extended Stay Hospitality section in 2019. The Extended Stay sector was designed to build and operate assets throughout the Mountain Regions and other markets in the U.S. experiencing high growth rates and high barriers to entry. This section uses a systematic approach by utilizing prototype plans for a fast and cost-effective build that can be replicated repeatedly, thus saving time and money on construction. The idea is to create a place designed for guests who want to stay for more than a night, long weekend, or even a week.

Construction Services

RREAF, by practice, does not seek ground-up development. We will only consider a ground-up development project if several critical metrics are achieved and will not seek to raise outside equity on a ground-up project until the project is 100% shovel-ready. RREAF’s hospitality development projects include a $26-million, 126-room Cambria Hotel in Charleston, South Carolina and a $60 million, 240-room Delta by Marriott Hotel in Southlake, Texas. Both markets present enormously high barriers to entry that were only viable due to the unique competitive advantages afforded to RREAF. RREAF’s multifamily developments include Sendero Ridge Apartments in Kerrville, Texas, a 120 unit that was built in 2020. As well as The Trails at Hunter Pointe in Gallatin, Tennessee, a 216 unit that was built in 2022. At present, RREAF has multiple beachfront developments that are expected to come to fruition near 2025. In addition to several multifamily projects throughout the South.

RREAF Communities

RREAF Communities was established in 2020 to focus on acquiring, developing and delivering highly-amenitized, large-scale master planned communities, located in the path of growth within rapidly expanding markets. We seek projects that offer substantial opportunity to deliver a variety of uses including residential, commercial, retail and mixed-use. RREAF Communities is currently developing projects in the Texas Triangle, which includes Dallas-Fort Worth, Austin, Houston and San Antonio. RREAF Communities assembled a veteran team of real estate professionals to deliver proven expertise, expanded economies of scale and continual superior results on future RREAF master planned developments. The Communities team is responsible for all aspects of project development from initial acquisitions to project divestiture. The addition of RREAF Communities to the portfolio provides an integrated platform for RREAF’s various development entities to be envisioned and executed adding tremendous value to their master planned developments.

Outdoor Living Platform

RREAF Holdings entered into a new vertical in 2023, known as Outdoor Living. This significant move involves the acquisition and improvement of RV Parks, with the goal of bringing a fresh approach to an industry traditionally managed by small-scale business owners. The parks, after CapEx implementation, will offer a wide array of high-quality amenities, including recreational facilities, pet-friendly areas, swimming pools, comfortable accommodations, and dining options. It aims to attract a diverse range of age groups, from the 55+ demographic to younger generations, by creating an inclusive experience. The Outdoor Living Platform seeks to redefine the concept of outdoor living.

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