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April 17, 2024

Master Planned Communities Outlook: Driving Progress

In recent years, Master Planned Communities (MPCs) have thrived amidst market volatility, driven by key factors outlined by the John Burns Research & Consulting group.

Firstly, Lifestyle is a pivotal focus, with MPCs offering high-quality amenities like schools, security, entertainment, and outdoor activities. This curated lifestyle attracts homebuyers seeking comfort and satisfaction within arms reach.

Strategic Lot Inventory management is the second factor, providing builders with ample lots in prime locations, a crucial advantage for crafting multiple residences and building further efficiency in the construction process.


Builder Incentives, especially full-term rate buydowns, have seen a notable uptick, with only 13% of builders abstaining in Q3 2023, compared to 46% in Q3 2022. This strategic move significantly boosted sales in 2023, providing homebuyers an appealing option in a challenging mortgage rate environment.


In essence, MPCs’ success is rooted in lifestyle offerings, smart lot allocation, and enticing builder incentives. Amidst a dynamic real estate landscape, MPCs shine as stable and desirable investments, seamlessly blending living quality, strategic investment, and value.


“Master-planned communities continue to attract buyers and outperform the overall new home market by offering a lifestyle, which elevates and links a collection of neighborhoods.”
– Ken Perlman Managing Principal of John Burns Research & Consulting


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