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The Gravitas Club is dedicated to expanding your business opportunities, fostering social connections, and granting access to industry experts in key investment fields such as tax, real estate, and finance.

About Us

for Accredited

Established in 2024, The Gravitas Club stands as an exclusive haven for accredited investors, embodying a commitment to unwavering standards of trust and significance. This elite membership-only club is dedicated to the education, network enrichment, and economic empowerment of its discerning members.



$40,000 / YEAR*
*Calendar Year

As a member you will take part in the bigger community of entrepreneurs and leaders in the industry while upholding the values and standards of the Gravitas Club.

Financial Incentive: 35% of your Class A investment position in Class B shares

*Only applicable to deals invested in throughout your membershipA $1mm Class A investment represents 5% of the $20mm total equity, entitling the investor to 1.75% of class B promoted interest

Special, no fee, invitation to RREAF’s events

Exclusive priority early access to any/all RREAF-sponsored deals, including off platform structures

Opportunities for a 1v1 meeting either individually or in a group with members of RREAF C-Suite

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Are you an accredited investor by SEC guidelines?*