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May 14, 2024

RREAF Holdings enhances Power BI Dashboard for better data visualization and analysis

In 2022, RREAF Holdings took its first step into data visualization and analysis with the introduction of the Power BI Dashboard. Designed by Systems Engineer Mike Provosty to illuminate and dissect trends within the RREAF Holdings portfolio, marking the company’s commitment to leveraging technology for informed decision-making.

Since its inaugural launch, the Power BI Dashboard has undergone a series of strategic upgrades. These enhancements not only bolstered the dashboard’s speed but also expanded its capabilities to aggregate data in diverse and substantial ways.

Cloud and SharePoint Transition

As part of the initial upgrade to company systems, RREAF Holdings has transitioned to the latest cloud server technology, this streamlines the entire RREAF Holdings ecosystem to not only getting access when needed but enriching collaboration between departments.

System Enhancements

Overall System performance has been improved, decreasing load times dashboard wide. As well as implementing an alpha version to test reliability, security and performance without disrupting the current version.

Financial Management Tools (FMWs)

Financial tools and UI have been further developed to display a more comprehensive timeline of financials up to 27 months providing an in-depth insight quarter-to-quarter and year-over-year. As well as providing more detailed stats, flash reports and meticulous monthly tracking.

Strategic Financial Insights

RREAF has developed a high-level strategic model allowing for valuable insights for crucial company decisions that are performed within underwriting department.

Reporting and Model Refinement

Provided crucial support for the redesign and standardization of Quarterly Reports while assisting the Deal team in refining models and trackers for critical dates and funding needs.

Asset Management

The existing asset management dashboard has been revamped to include additional supplemental data ensuring a more robust and comprehensive view of all assets.