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Why Sponsors Can’t Sleep on Insurance and Taxes in Multifamily & Hospitality Deals

So you’re a Sponsor diving into the world of commercial real estate, specifically multifamily buildings, or hospitality ventures. Numbers are crunched, locations are scouted, and excitement is brewing! But hold on there, before you break ground (or unlock the lobby doors), there are two crucial factors that can make or break your deal: insurance and […]

Rent Cuts Particularly Acute for Class B and C Apartments

As featured in ““ Richard Berger, GlobeSt,  16 May 2024   Some fast-growing submarkets are seeing the deepest apartment rent cuts amid their Class B and C product, according to a new report from RealPage. It’s not surprising to see that price declines were the worst in the year-ending Q1 in areas where the most, new apartment […]

RREAF Holdings enhances Power BI Dashboard for better data visualization and analysis

In 2022, RREAF Holdings took its first step into data visualization and analysis with the introduction of the Power BI Dashboard. Designed by Systems Engineer Mike Provosty to illuminate and dissect trends within the RREAF Holdings portfolio, marking the company’s commitment to leveraging technology for informed decision-making. Since its inaugural launch, the Power BI Dashboard […]

Navigating the Future of Extended-Stay Hotels: Opportunities and Challenges

As featured in “Hotel Online“ Ned Washburn, Hotel Online,  02 May 2024   The extended-stay hotel sector has experienced a remarkable evolution over the past decade, emerging as a significant component of the hospitality industry. This growth is driven by a unique blend of benefits for both guests and investors, strategic design elements, and its […]

Forecasting Commercial Real Estate: What Investors Should Know

Kip Sowden was invited to be a guest contributor on NASDAQ, speaking on the current forecast of Commercial Real Estate, giving an in-depth look at what factors correlate to a successful project.  We are currently in a time where the commercial real estate industry is heading into unchartered territory. However, when facing headwinds in commercial […]

Master Planned Communities Outlook: Driving Progress

In recent years, Master Planned Communities (MPCs) have thrived amidst market volatility, driven by key factors outlined by the John Burns Research & Consulting group. Firstly, Lifestyle is a pivotal focus, with MPCs offering high-quality amenities like schools, security, entertainment, and outdoor activities. This curated lifestyle attracts homebuyers seeking comfort and satisfaction within arms reach. […]

Multifamily Market Outlook: Ahead of the Curve

In the 2024 CBRE Multifamily Market Outlook, the anticipation of a historic surge in new apartment supply is creating significant waves in the industry. Projections suggest the delivery of 440,000 units, signaling a pivotal moment that could lead to a return to stabilized prices and improved affordability within the multifamily sector. Notable areas, including Chicago, […]

Hospitality Market Outlook: A Playground for Middle America

In the STR article regarding the 2024 hotel projections, industry experts are optimistic about the future of the hospitality sector. Projections for 2024 and beyond indicate positive trends, with an anticipated ADR change of 3.1%, occupancy change of .6%, and revenue per available room (RevPAR) change of 4.1%. Traditionally, during economic downturns, the industry has experienced an influx […]