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RREAF strives to provide America with superior affordable workforce communities throughout its various platforms. RREAF Holdings is committed to creating value for our investors and institutional capital partners by targeting ground-up development projects with high barriers to entry and programmatic multifamily and hospitality acquisition platforms.

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With a wealth of expertise spanning various facets of the business, our leaders and seasoned associates have participated in numerous lucrative deals, facilitating substantial financial agreements, and fostering the growth of diverse commercial real estate endeavors.

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We focus on the macro “big picture” aspects of multifaceted real estate projects while also forming smart, creative solutions that bring superior performance and value growth to the portfolio. Value is created for our investors and strategic partners.

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We have built durable, long-term relationships with notable contractors, architects, engineers, title companies, attorneys, and other industry professionals who share our commitment to creating outstanding results for our partners and investors. We utilize innovative leaders and trusted advisors at the very highest levels in the commercial real estate, mortgage, and banking industries.

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We invest capital directly through discretionary, closed-end investment partnerships, counting among our investors and partners some of the country’s most esteemed private equity firms, hedge funds, family offices, pension funds, and high net-worth individuals. Our depth of experience and lasting relationships developed in the capital markets over the last four decades allow us to move quickly to secure capital, both debt and equity, and take advantage of highly opportunistic situations.

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We seize upon opportunities to create or maximize asset values through the acquisition, development, adaptive repositioning, and financial engineering processes. We can move quickly and make timely, informed decisions with small, close-knit management teams. Our ability to present our clients and investors with aggressively minded, value-added investment programs are augmented with our insistence on attempting to limit the risk level to that which is usually only seen in much less lucrative programs.

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We have successfully built a comprehensive portfolio through acquisition and development since RREAF’s formation in 2010. Our portfolio includes 12 hotel properties totaling nearly 1,500 rooms, more than 52 multifamily communities totaling over 12,000 units, and over 20 ground-up development sites throughout Texas and the Southeast. RREAF has a robust pipeline and will continue strategically growing our portfolio via our programmatic multifamily and hospitality resort platforms. We will also evaluate opportunistic ground-up development projects with outsized returns and barriers to entry.

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Unique Investment Approach

We deliver well-located, highly amenitized housing and vacation properties to the largest segment of the U.S. population. Our five primary verticals all cater to this theme. RREAF Holdings’ tremendous growth can be attributable to our disciplined focus on our five main platforms. In addition, our focus on growth markets in the South and Southeast regions of the United States has allowed us to scale rapidly and create growth opportunities.

our platforms



RREAF has developed extensive contacts and relationships with operating partners, broker networks, lenders, owners, and other industry professionals, all of whom are utilized to source potential investments and are expected to provide a continuing pipeline for lucrative opportunities in the future. While maintaining an openness to opportunities throughout the United States, RREAF’s emphasis is on investments in the South, Southeast, and Southern Atlantic regions of the country.

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RREAF will only pursue investments where the real estate offers a significant opportunity for exceptional returns. Conversely, we assess any potential adverse situations that might be likely to occur and the financial implications of those risks. We also evaluate the degree of potential profitability that can result from exiting the investment within a designated timeframe while always being mindful of our efforts to minimize the risk component of an investment. With a talented team of in-house professionals, RREAF has the ability to quickly and efficiently perform economic analysis, market due diligence, and property inspections to determine the viability of an opportunity. RREAF, being vertically integrated with underwriting, acquisitions, capital markets, asset management, capital expense management, property management, legal, and accounting under one corporate umbrella, provides the most optimal environment for an asset’s success during ownership.

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RREAF carefully structures all investments with a focus on risk aversion and capital preservation, followed closely by assuring priority returns for partners invested capital. These concerns guide the governance and control processes, throughout which we strive to closely align the interests of all contributing parties. Financing is the heart and soul of any real estate undertaking and procuring the right capital structure is critical to a deal’s success. RREAF principals have extensive capital markets experience encompassing both the debt and equity components for all real estate investment types.

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Value Creation

RREAF has extensive development and operational experience across diverse markets and among disparate property types. This experience gives RREAF the knowledge, resources, and insight to pursue new and innovative methods to create value for real estate properties. RREAF principals are closely involved in both the creation and execution of the business plan and the continuous monitoring and re-evaluation of the strategic steps that are necessary to successfully operate and exit a venture.

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Exit Strategy

RREAF business plans incorporate a flexible exit strategy, although most are intended to have an investment horizon of 3-5 years. RREAF and its operating partners continuously monitor for changing and advantageous transaction opportunities even if it means that a project’s originally planned divestiture target date has to be accelerated or delayed.

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