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Guy Kincaid

Mr. Kincaid has been in the Commercial Real Estate and Hospitality Industry for over 25 years, concentrating almost exclusively in Hotel sales and development. Working as a one man shop dealing primarily with first time hotel buyers, his concept of educating first time buyers and assisting the process through contract negotiations and securing financing has earned Mr. Kincaid a very recognizable name in the Texas and Oklahoma markets.

After helping so many first time Hotel buyers realize their dream, Mr. Kincaid and his wife Tina decided to put their money where they had been asking all of their clients to put theirs. They purchased a small 31 unit Best Western in Cisco, TX in 2000. Commercial Real Estate sales continued during this period of Hotel ownership and Mr. Kincaid was approached by the City fathers of Eastland, Texas to bring a new hotel to their community. Partnering with a couple of investors Mr. Kincaid built his first Hotel in 2007, a 65 unit LaQuinta Inn & Suites in Eastland. This property is still getting Franchise awards 8 years later. An 81 unit Candlewood Suites in Fort Worth followed shortly after, along with consulting on numerous new builds across Texas and Oklahoma, including partnering with RREAF on a 66 unit LaQuinta that opened in October 2015.

With three children and seven grandchildren, Mr. Kincaid is active in all of their activities. Growing up in an athletic environment with two brothers, Mr. Kincaid played football (quarterback) his first two years of college in Kansas until an injury sidelined both his football and baseball careers. Prior to college, he was drafted out of baseball camp for the Cleveland Indians at the age of 18 with a fastball reaching 100 mph. He chose college and football instead. Now his biggest hobby is golf when there is time.

Mr. Kincaid’s primary residence is in Abilene, Texas where he lives with his wife, Tina, and their three dogs. Mr. Kincaid loves to load everyone up in their motorhome and go to his various projects.